I had my doubt about whether Sound Oasis would help my insomnia, but after a week I am believer! It helps me get to sleep in a shorter time and get back to sleep if I wake up during the night! Goodbye to sleep meds that make me feel groggy the next day! :)

- Jan Horton Anderson

I developed tinnitus in 1998, when I had neighbors playing techno music at all unpredictable hours of the day.
It attacked my sense of well being and caused the hyper-vigilance that provokes and feeds tinnitus.
They moved out eventually but the tinnitus has never left - although it does shift in intensity.

This Gray Noise track is so comforting - blocking both the high pitch of the tinnitus and the footfall thumps of my newest neighbors and their small children. My recent distress at my tinnitus being ramped up again has been much soothed by this purchase. It sounds like a nice outward holiday trip on jet, masking incidental noise and creating a peaceful ambient.

Thank you!

- Peta Glass Theatre Practitioner and Presentation Skills Coach,
London, UK

I sleep more soundly and feel better when I wake up.
Here's to a better night sleep!

- C.D.

Calms the babies when trying to sleep.

- T.R. Novato, CA

Great sound clarity and variety. It works as advertised!

- E. S. Lavista, NE

Helps my husband sleep. Love the nature sounds and the shape looks like a piece of art!

- C.M. Chicago, IL

It is loud and easy to use!

- R.H. Senoia, GA

Drowns out the noise of passing vehicles so my son can sleep.

- L.S. Charlotte, NC

Lets me sleep. Blocks out noise from neighbors.

- D. F. Bainbridge Is., WA

Love the clarity of sound and variety!

- L.E. Kansas City, MO

It works wonders on our baby in terms of sleeping.

- C.K. Chicago, IL

It really soothes our baby and blocks out unwanted noise!

- J.L. Falls Church, VA

My daughter takes great naps now!

- K.S. Atlanta, GA

The sounds are so accurate, authentic and clear.

- W.M. Rockville, MD

"I love it! Now I can listen to music without bothering my husband. Works great with my iPod."

- C.M., Pittsburgh, PA

I am so thankful to have discovered Sound Oasis on the Internet. I recently downloaded two files, one for Pink Noise and the other for Tinnitus. They each have an 8 hour, uninterrupted, playing-time and can be downloaded onto a MP3 Player. Once there, I can either use my earbuds or my Ipod dock to hear the downloads.

The Pink Noise very effectively covers any and all extraneous sounds and the Tinnitus is very soothing to my ringing ears; both exceeded my hopes and expectations.

Equally important is the excellent customer service, this is by far one of the greatest companies with products that actually do what they say they will do.

- Adrienne Hudgens

I have been searching for such sound for months. Most "white noise" products have a loop every five, twenty or eighty minutes. The result is that just as I am drifting off the sound turns off and startles me back awake. Alternatively, I was sometimes awoken from a deep sleep when the sound "re-looped."

Now I sleep much better: 8 hours of constant, sound blocking noise.

What's also great is the variety of sounds offered by Sound Oasis. I've been using white noise for years but it turns out that the sounds in my apt are better blocked by brown noise. I'm deeply grateful and better rested.

- Josh, Austin, Tx
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