Sleep Sounds for Babies

Sounds to Help Babies and Children of All Ages Sleep

These patent pending, continuous, uninterrupted MP3 tracks of exceptional sounds are proven to help babies and children of all ages sleep.

We have authentic digital recordings of nature, sounds from world leading doctors in sleep (for adults and infants) and mechanical sounds (like white noise and a car ride) that will provide your family with a superior sound environment for sleep.

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Sound Oasis White Noise
The steady flow of a cascading waterfall is perfect as a "natural white noise". Profoundly calming to infants, children and adults, white noise is constantly recommended by physicians and pediatricians.This natural sound blocks out disturbing noises and shares many of the natural sounds that we all heard when we were in our mother's womb (the continual whooshing sound made by blood flowing through arteries near the womb).
Sound Oasis Gentle Rain
A tranquil rainfall provides a familiar and relaxing sound environment that also works great as an alternative "white noise".
Sound Oasis Summer Night
A gentle chorus of crickets provides a peaceful and restful environment.
Sound Oasis Heartbeat
Most babies are soothed by the sound and pulse of a moderately relaxed heartbeat. This authentic recording provides an ideal beat and rhythm for babies, children, adults and even young pets.
Sound Oasis Car Ride
Many new parents discover that their children almost magically fall asleep to the rhythmic motion and sound of a car. This authentic recording of the inside of a moving car blends a pulsating murmur with white noise to recreate a soothing environment without the hassle of driving around the block!
Sound Oasis Woodland
Peaceful song birds from a secluded forest provide a relaxing and delightful sound environment.
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I had my doubt about whether Sound Oasis would help my insomnia, but after a week I am believer! It helps me get to sleep in a shorter time and get back to sleep if I wake up during the night! Goodbye to sleep meds that make me feel groggy the next day! :)

Jan Horton Anderson

I developed tinnitus in 1998, when I had neighbors playing techno music at all unpredictable hours of the day.
It attacked my sense of well being and caused the hyper-vigilance that provokes and feeds tinnitus.
They moved out eventually but the tinnitus has never left - although it does shift in intensity.

This Gray Noise track is so comforting - blocking both the high pitch of the tinnitus and the footfall thumps of my newest neighbors and their small children. My recent distress at my tinnitus being ramped up again has been much soothed by this purchase. It sounds like a nice outward holiday trip on jet, masking incidental noise and creating a peaceful ambient.

Thank you!

Peta Glass Theatre Practitioner and Presentation Skills Coach,
London, UK