Sleep Sounds by Dr. Bartel

Sound tracks that are clinically proven to help you sleep better, relax easier and think more effectively.

These 8 Hour Long tracks from Dr. Lee Bartel were developed through years of research in sleep music.
Dr. Bartel is the scientific designer of the internationally best-selling Music for Your Health series of recordings on the Solitudes label as well as the SonicAid series with Somerset Entertainment. Dr. Bartel's gold and platinum album work has achieved several Juno Award nominations. He is the author or senior editor of 16 books and technical research reports, author of chapters in 11 books, author of 64 refereed academic papers and publications, and well over a 100 other professional publications and presentations.
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Energy Chimes
A slowed down chorus of crickets resonating in the BETA brainwave range blend with slow moving chimes (also in the BETA range). The combination is an atmosphere that sounds like a relaxing summer evening on the deck, but has an inherent BETA energizing effect - resulting in a focused state of mind.
The calming and delicately rhythmic sounds of a xylophone combined with ALPHA brainwave entrainment (8 hz) achieve deep relaxation.
Alpha Clouds
A soothing harp activates ALPHA brainwave patterns to promote a healthy, enjoyable state of relaxation.
Sleep Surf
Ocean Surf combined with musical pulsations at the 2 hz DELTA brainwave range create an effective sleep inducing environment.
Delta Voyage
Rhythmic white noise with dense DELTA frequency entrainment (.5, 1 and 2 hz) coax your mind into a restful and rejuvenating sleep.
Dream Echoes
Echoing melodies with .25, .5,1 & 2 hz DELTA frequency entrainment encourage deep, restorative sleep.
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