Ambient Sounds

Create a familiar and consistent sound environment

8 Full Hours of Uninterrupted Ambient Sounds effectively covers all extraneous sounds, creating a peaceful sleep environment.

Consistent Ambient Sounds create a familiar background to help relax, block out unwanted sounds and create a soothing sound environment.

These patent pending Sound Oasis Ambient Sound tracks are 8 hours long so you never hear the sound repeat or start and stop during your sleep. Instead, you experience our world famous sounds for 8 uninterrupted hours for the best sleep experience possible.

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Sound Oasis Train 8hr
Picture yourself on a steam engine train as it cuts through the still night lulling you to sleep with its pulsating sounds.
Sound Oasis Cooling Fan 8hr
Sleep to the continuous whirling sound of an electric fan without the chilling effect of the real thing.
Sound Oasis Air Conditioner
Doze off to the steady hum of an air conditioner.
Sound Oasis Bamboo Chimes
Lie back and let the gentle sound of bamboo wind chimes remove the stress of daily life.
Sound Oasis Country Road
Break the stillness when it's too quiet by adding the sporadic sounds of cars passing by on a country highway.
Sound Oasis Helicopter
Lay back and snooze to the rhythmic sound of the interior of a helicopter.
Sound Oasis Vacuum
This "to and fro" sound of a vacuum cleaner is a classic relaxation tool.
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Great sound clarity and variety. It works as advertised!

E. S. Lavista, NE