Enjoy better sleep and health with our exclusive Sound Oasis® MP3 sounds. Most of our sound tracks feature our patent pending, ALL NIGHT sleep sounds with the world's only 8 hour tracks of uninterrupted sound.

MP3 files have natural gaps when they stop and start that can disturb your sleep. Our ALL NIGHT MP3 tracks provide 8 continuous, uninterrupted hours of great sound for the best sleep sound experience possible.

Ambient Sounds
Create a familiar and consistent sound environment
Nature Sounds
Create a Peaceful, All Night Sleep Environment
Tinnitus Therapy
Manage Tinnitus for a Peaceful, All Night Sleep Environment
Sleep Sounds for Babies
Sounds to Help Babies and Children of All Ages Sleep
Sounds for Yoga
Sounds for Yoga
Sleep Sounds by Dr. Bartel
Sound tracks that are clinically proven to help you sleep better, relax easier and think more effectively.
Whale Sounds
Create a Soothing Marine Environment for Relaxation or Sleep
White Noise
Create a Peaceful, Continuous Sleep or Work Environment
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I had my doubt about whether Sound Oasis would help my insomnia, but after a week I am believer! It helps me get to sleep in a shorter time and get back to sleep if I wake up during the night! Goodbye to sleep meds that make me feel groggy the next day! :)

Jan Horton Anderson